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xemytica_cardbkg091225Xemytica™ Game System is a rule system for card games, created by Pingo® & H. Pettersson in 2006 and is Copyright © Pingo® & HP, 2006-2010. All Rights are Reserved.

On this Official Site, we present our different games based on this system.

The Xemytica­™ rules were created because we wanted a fast-paced action game system for simple and quick battles.

With this in mind, we first created our fantasy/science fiction game Fate of Heroes. During launch of the Xemytica™ website, we started creation of 1910 – a anachronistic battle game placed in the early 1900’s.

All photos, illustrations and pictures used in the Xemytica™ games are royalty free images bought by us for game and website use only. Some images are old pictures that has lost their copyright status. Some, our own artists have created for us. All material is copyright protected, and you may not use any of our pictures on your website. However, you may use our images in context, such as reviews, game-talks and such. For all purposes that involved our game, you may download and use the images on your blog, website and such. If in doubt, please ask us first.

All our games are being sold as decks of 54 cards. They are delivered in a hard clear plastic protective case. The games are easy to use, and great to bring with you wherever you go. Please be sure to buy the correct pack. We have both Starter Packs which consists of enough cards to play a two-player game, plus the rules – but we are also launching Add On packs, which, however, does not consists of any rules, and in most cases need a Starter Pack to be able to play with.

We will soon launch the Xemytica™ Developer area for you who wants to create new games and new cards based on the Xemytica™ Game System. Please see the Developer area for information about this.

If you have questions about the Xemytica™ Game System, our games or your purchase, please see the forum for more information and details.

History of Xemytica™

In 2006 Pingo® & H. Pettersson started developement on a card game system for quick and easy battles. We wanted to create something that was simple to use, but still fun to play – but mostly, it should be heavy on action and a minimalistic, but yet powerful, rule system. The system is not complex – but the combinations of the different cards can create complex situations.

Xemytica™ started out as a beta version, and soon grew into a complete game system that now can be used on several different games. That is why we today have two games ready for launch in 2010: Fate of Heroes and 1910.

The difference between the two games are really only the settings, design and use of illustrations. Fate of Heroes is a fantasy/science-fiction type of game with a fun twist. 1910 on the other hand, is heavy on black/white photos and tries to capture the mood from that era – even though both of the games are not following any standard time- or storyline.

Both Fate of Heroes and 1910 do have a story and character design in the back that expands the viality of each game. For the quick game sets, you can put together a deck fast and play a few rounds with a friend without having to read a lot of story. But for you who are more interested in backgrounds of each character, you will find that too, and can put your deck together using our stories as guide.

Because of this, Xemytica™ Game System is also exandable as a sort of “role playing game”.

In the future, we will launch more games based on the Xemytica™ Game System.

Information about Rights:
Xemytica™ is a pending TradeMark, used as title and name of this website as well as the rule system used in our games.
The Rule System is developed by Henrik Pettersson and Pingo®, 2006-2010. Beta tests have been made by a dozen people from Sweden and USA during 2006-2009.

Pingo® is a Registered TradeMark.

Xemytica™, Fate of Heroes and 1910 are all Copyright © 2006-2010. All Rights Reserved.

Photographs, illustrations, texts and other material are Copyright © Xemytica™, Pingo®, H.P. and the individual creators, 2006-2010. All Rights Reserved.

Use of our material on websites, news-papers, blogs, videos and/or other media is prohibited by international copyright laws.
You are however able to use our material for reviews and discussions about our games.

If in doubt – ask us.

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