Fate of Heroes

Xemytica™ Fate of Heroes – Release date: 22:nd of December 2009.

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Fate of Heroes is an action-packed fantasy card game, perfect for fast battles or fun game nights. It is easy to learn and quick to start – but you have the choice to use complex rule cards and the more you play, the more you will understand the beauties of the underlying rules of Xemytica.

Fate of Heroes Starter Pack that is now available to buy online comes with a total of 51 cards.

You get 17 Fighter Cards, 17 Fate Cards and 17 Gear Cards.

The total value of the Starter Pack is 81 points – enough for two persons to start playing straight out of the box!

The cards are printed on high quality card stock and wrapped in a hard see-through plastic case – perfect to bring with you wherever you go, and still keeping the cards protected.

So how do you play Fate of Heroes? Actually, it is very easy! The Xemytica Card Game System is created to be easy – and fun!

In the Started Pack are three rule cards. The rules are already described there, but if you need help, come back to this website and read updated news, answers to rule questions and talk to others in our forum.

Buy Fate of Heroes now – at DriveThruCards.

Included in the Fate of Heroes Starter Kit is:

  • 17 Fighter Cards (nine 1-point, six 2-point and two 3-point = total of 27 points)
  • 17 Fate Cards (nine 1-point, six 2-point and two 3-point = total of 27 points)
  • 17 Gear Cards (nine 1-point, six 2-point and two 3-point = total of 27 points)
  • All 54 cards printed in full color (both sides) on high quality card stock – OR:
  • Digital PDF version for easy printing (cheaper)!
  • Hard plastic protection case available (choice).
  • Ships worldwide – or download instantly!

Check the Rules Page for information on how to play Fate of Heroes.

2 thoughts on “Fate of Heroes

  1. Article above (from Purple Pawn) has some errors:

    1. Obviously, there is a physical product. The deck contains 54 cards. We do not have any downloadable PDF-files.

    2. When Purple Pawn wrote the text, our website only had place-holder graphics. The graphics on the cards can be seen here, as well as in the Rules-page, and all cards have professionally created artwork and illustrations.

    3. All information needed to play the game is available on the site. If anyone needs anymore information – just ask in the forum where we will happily answer all/any questions you might have.

    Purple Pawn was very nice to add a quick response to our press release on the same date (22:nd of December 2009), but it is important to understand that their text is not updated.

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