Rules: How to Play

With your Fate of Heroes Starter Pack are three Rule Cards. On these are written all information on how to play – but to make it easier for a first-timer, here are information on the game-play.

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Look at the top right corner of each card.  There are one, two or three dots. This is the value of the card. You, and your Opponent, should pick out enough cards to create a deck with a total value of 30. This means that you will end up with a small deck of between 10 to 30 cards. You need to have at least one Fighter (blue) card in your deck (but we recommend more!).

The game is played in a number of Fights or Battles. Think of this as small arena fights, where you bring in your Hero and try to bash the other guy as much as you can, by adding magic swords, chosing the right location for the fight and so on.

The winner of the overall game is the one who still have fighters left, when the opponent(s) have none.

Now, play the battles:

1. Draw 8 cards from your deck. This is your hand. You may draw cards at any time, but you may not have more than 8 cards on your hand. You may discard (any time) to draw other cards. If you discard, that card may not be brought up into play again (if card rules doesn’t say otherwise).


2. Play a Fighter (blue card) – do this simultanously with your opponent(s). None of the players should be able to change their mind – so it is important that everyone does this at the same time.

3. Now play a Fate card (red card). Carefully look at the modifications. The goal of the game is to boost one of your Fighter’s Attack Values (Speed, Strength, Skill – the three values on the bottom of the Fighter Card). This card is also played simultanously with the other player(s).
The Fate card effects all Fighters on the table! Be careful – if you play a Helper, this guy will actually also help your enemies!

4. Last, play a Gear card (purple card). These cards effect your Fighter only (if card rules doesn’t say otherwise). Now add up all the modifications.
The Fighter with the highest of any of the Attack Values wins. The Player with that Fighter can now put all his played cards back into the bottom of his deck.

The loser(s) discards all played cards.

Now, start over again – and do all fights until only one player is left with Fighter cards.

Lets assume the above cards were played, and that there were no other Hero in play (and no other cards effecting Hragnar). Then Hragnar would end up with Strength of 9, Speed of 6 and Skill of 8. Why? Because he is only Hero in play (add +1 to Skill), he is a Common, fighting in Fiona’s Creek (add +1 to Speed) and he is fighting with The Great Headcleaver (add +1 to Strength). If the opponent’s Fighter does not have any Attack Value (Strength, Speed, Skill) of 9 or more – then Hragnar wins.

End of Game:
If only one Player has Fighter Card(s) left, that Player wins.

If rules on cards contradict main rules, then the card rules always applies. When in doubt – discuss the rules among each other, try to flip a coin, but after the game, come back to the Xemytica Forum and discuss what just happened. We want to know – and others too!

What if there is a draw?
These situations can occur! However, they are most unlikely.
If a draw does happen – which means that the Fighters in Play have the same Attack Value, and the Players can not play any more cards – then all cards in play are discarded.
This could end the game without a winner – the game is draw.

Instruction video
Check out our instruction video about how to play the game Xemytica™ Fate of Heroes:

Have fun!

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