Our new game based on Xemytica™ Card Game System will be 1910! It is an action-packed anachronistic game with an early 1900:s stylish theme.

1910 will be released during 2010 – no release date is yet set.

1910 Starter Pack will include:

  • 54 Game Cards
    At least 3 of these will be Rule Cards. The rest will be Fighter Cards, Fate Cards and Gear Cards.
  • A clear hard plastic protective case.
  • Free worldwide shipping!

Projected price for the Start Pack is $29.95.

1910 will play similar to – but not exactly as – Fate of Heroes. Some minor changes to characters and game-play will be added to 1910 that will be unique for this game. 1910 and Fate of Heroes can not be combined – they are separate games.

Check the forum for latest news!

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